Apple and Adobe Make For Strange Bedfellows

Packing for Peace Corps service can be stressful, but thanks to Apple and Adobe my burden has been lightened…by say 150 lbs.  Admittedly, I’m not a prodigious reader by any stretch.  I’ve read maybe 25 books in my lifetime, not counting children’s books. Since many Peace Corps volunteers are able to read a lot, I figured I’d make up for my literary deficiencies.  Because space and weight are at a premium, my dilemma was how stay under the 100 lbs. luggage limit.  Solution: two tech Titans who’ve had a skirmish or two.

Thanks to Apple’s iBooks App, I have access to the Library of Congress.  The problem was I couldn’t read the digital versions of these books on a laptop, only on the 2″ x 3″ screen of my iPhone.  Imagine reading “War and Peace” on a phone?!?!

I’ve wondered why Apple didn’t provide a program (“there’s an app for that”) for their fanboys (not me) to read an iBook on their Mac or PC.  After all, they’re Apple, they can come up with an app to walk your dog or beat up Chuck Norris. Then, I realized an iPad would be a solution; to which I realized why said app didn’t exist.  No wonder Apple is #2 in market cap of the Fortune 500. Oh, the sly ways of capitalism.

So enter Adobe.  Thanks to their Digital Editions, they have saved me from having to buy an iPad (plus my back, plus a few trees).  Like the convenience of a Kindle or an iPad, I can now read these iBooks on my laptop.  Sorry Apple, but I still love my iPhone.  Perhaps unwittingly, Adobe has out-flanked Apple on this digital battlefield.  Take that Steve Jobs for saying Flash was irrelevant.  Ah, the casualties of war.

I now have over 200 books, and counting, taking up a third of a GB on my laptop instead of adding the Congressional Library to my suitcase.  When I’m shivering in my drab, dingy bed in the dead of a Ukrainian winter, I can turn to my digital version of “War and Peace,” all because two unlikely competitors came together to help me sleep in peace.


~ by Blakely Neff on February 8, 2011.

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