The Simple Things

Cliff notes from the first two weeks:

All my luggage arrived safely here in Chernihiv, Ukraine (see pic).  When plugging in my laptop the first night at my host mom’s apartment, I blew the power–sorry Luda.  I can take a shower with hot running water.  I have a toilet.  When going #2, I can flush the toilet paper down the toilet instead of putting it in the bathroom’s trash.  I found my way home from ‘work,’ after the second day.   I have to wear two coats when walking to work.  I have to walk to work.  I can ride a Marshrutka (mini-bus) by myself.  I know less Russian than my neighbor’s two-year old.  My iPhone 4 is a paperweight.  I bought a new phone; it might as well be a paperweight, but it’s too light.  There is a McDonald’s nearby; it has wi-fi.  I do not plan on eating again at said McDonalds.  I kept calling my host brother a refrigerator instead of asking him if he was cold.  His perplexed look was priceless.  We played Frisbee together.  My host mom took me to a philharmonic performance.  I ran into the LDS missionaries.  I can introduce myself in Russian.  Learning Russian is harder than I expected; or maybe I’m just getting to be an old dog.  Speaking of dogs…(see pic).   I got to ring the bells in the church’s bell tower to announce worship services last Sunday; SO cool!  I am a Peace Corps volunteer living in a foreign country.

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~ by Blakely Neff on April 7, 2011.

One Response to “The Simple Things”

  1. Very cool Blakely! Thanks for the update, I’ve been wondering how you’re doing. Sounds like it’s pretty cold there still, eh? We’re sitting at high 80s low 90s these days! Looks like you’re doing great so far! Good luck with the Russian! I’m sure you’ll pick it up in time!

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