I’m going where?!?! (Life in Borova)

Life at site is great.  Borova is a quite, little town nestled in Eastern Ukraine surrounded by sunflower fields and a picturesque river.  There are essentially no English speakers here and my Russian is anemic, so I truly am a stranger in a strange, but beautiful land.  Here are some highlights from the first four weeks:

I feel better integrated now that I’ve actually received candy back as my change when buying something at the store.  I thought getting candy instead of Kopecs was just an urban–or in this case, a rural–myth.  I live with a babushka who laid the smackdown on an enterprising soul at the bazaar who took advantage of my generosity.  After going four months without seeing any gummy worms, $20 for 20 gummy worms didn’t seem that expensive.  My babushka thought otherwise and got my money back after several minutes of ‘negotiation.’   The circus came to town and the clown made me perform a funky dance in front of the audience.  I told one person that I didn’t sleep well the night before, and it seems half the town found out about it.  Between the bazaar incident and my forbidden-dance moment, I can only imagine what the locals think of me since I can’t understand anything that’s being said to/of me in the three languages (Russian, Ukrainian, Surzhyk) that are spoken here.  And nearly every conversation seems to include something about me finding a Ukrainian wife and living in Borova for the rest of my life.  Sounds like a pretty good life…


~ by Blakely Neff on July 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “I’m going where?!?! (Life in Borova)”

  1. Yo Blakely! Very funny about the gummy worms…I am a big gummy fan as well. Your Babushka did you a service! How did you ever end up in someones house! Woo! Is it going well? I am alive and well in Novomoskovsk…not as far east as you…but still, weren’t you in Heather’s Ukkrainian speaking cluster? Are you mostly confused now by the Russian speakers? I don’t understand Ukrainian at all…thank goodness most of people here speak only Russian. Be good to yourself!

  2. I heard Ukrainian Women are beautiful. Opportunity is knocking Blakely.

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