Disneyland Trivia

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  • There is a basketball court at the top of the Matterhorn.  To meet Anaheim city code, the Matterhorn had to have recreational/sport use due to its height. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63TKKg-KRP0
  • Many rides that replaced or were built over old attractions pay homage to the former by leaving a reminder of the old attraction/site.  (i.e. moose heads from Bear Country left in the rafters of the Winnie the Pooh ride; Eeyore parking lot sign hanging by the projector in the waiting queue of the Indiana Jones ride.)
  • There are hidden Mickeys all throughout the park.  Disney imagineers love to be creative, so ask a cast member where the nearest hidden Mickey is located, or look for yourself. (example: the dinner plates on the dining table inside the Hauted Mansion form a Mickey head.)
  • The top half of Sleeping Beauty’s castle is backwards.  Walt happened to walk by as an architect had placed the top of a replica on backwards and decided to build the real thing that way.  The ‘bricks’ on the castle get progressively smaller to make the castle appear bigger and taller than it actually is.  Walt utilized ‘forced perspective’ throughout the park, especially with the buildings along Mainstreet.
  • On the Mark Twain Riverboat, guests can request to ride with the captain (though few know about it) and ‘steer’ the ship!  You also get to ring the bell and blow the whistle.  Usually, this privilege is reserved for members of Club 33.
  • There are feral cats all throughout Disneyland.  They were brought in to control the mice. Imagine that, mice in Disneyland, heaven forbid!
  • Only Coke products are available in Disneyland.  For this exclusivity, Coke provides its product free to Disneyland.
  • You can not buy gum in Disneyland–Walt didn’t want gum getting left all over the park and take away from the experience.
  • At the Train Station and train depots, you can hear tapping sounds.  Walt’s opening day speech can be heard in Morse Code.
  • Fast passes do not have to be used in the allotted time frame.  You can come back hours later after the allotted time and still use the fast pass.
  • Club 33 is an exclusive club within Disneyland that guests pay well over $10,000 just to join and have to pay thousands more to renew every year.  There was a waiting list, but the waiting list got so long they couldn’t accept names just to get on the waiting list.  The entry to the club is located next to the exit of Pirates of the Caribbean, by the Blue Bayou restaurant.
  • The address for Disneyland is ‘1313 S. Harbor.’  ‘M’ is the 13th letter in the alphabet, so Mickey Mouse lives at 1313… Perhaps Walt chose lucky 13 to thumb his nose at the naysayers who doubted he could succeed.
  • The Tiki Room was originally planned to be a restaurant, so there are unique restrooms (not nearly as crowded as others) that other attractions do not have.  The Dole pineapple whip is a must have.
  • Attend the flag retreat ceremony just before sunset! Very solemn, and war vets are invited to participate.
  • After getting off the Jungle Cruise ride, ask a CM for a map of the ride.  A very cool souvenir, that’s free.  There’s also a real canary you can sometimes hear above the ride’s entry.
  • Look for the Chesire Cat to magically appear in the mirror of the Mad Hatter shop.  Also look for Grimhilda (yes, I had to Google it) as she periodically appears above the Snow White ride. 
  • Walt’s personal apartment is located above the Firehouse.  The Firehouse was the first building to be built in the park.  A light is always left on inside in memory of Walt, but the light has been known to mysteriously turn itself off and on.
  • The windows along Mainstreet have names of people (and description of their profession) who have helped make Disneyland what it is today.
  • There is a random Indian statue on Mainstreet who has a twin in Frontierland.
  • Tom Sawyer island has a Missouri zip code and, on opening day, was annexed to Missouri.
  • The initials of Walt’s ranch, ‘STR,’ appear on Walt’s tie of the Partner’s Statue.  He had to sell the ranch to complete construction of Disneyland, but was able to buy it back.
  • Mainstreet is supposed to be set in the year 1910; Tomorrowland is set for 1986.  These years were picked because they are the years of Hailey’s Comet.
  •  The canons fired on the Columbia pirate ship use 12-guage shot.  The cast members won’t give away the spent rounds. Good thing I’m not afraid to go dumpster diving! 

12 guage shot casing from canon on Columbia pirate ship

(If there is something about Disneyland you wish to add, please do so in the comment section.)


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