The Packing List

**Documenting everything I plan on taking with me in writing helps me better determine what I end up taking with me. Plus, when I look back in fifty years I can ask, ‘I really took a Sham Wow?!’

The two checked pieces of luggage total around 82 lbs. with a total measurement of 107 inches.

(The Peace Corps won’t allow luggage that exceeds a total measurement–length+width+height–of 107 inches. The total weight of the two checked pieces must be under 100 lbs.)


3 US flags (2 w/ dowel, window adhesive)

8 Utah postcards; 1 Utah magnet

10 Promotional brochures  of Utah (office of tourism)

2 US flag lanyards; 3 US flag lapel pins

Balloons; Yo-Yo

NYC shotglass

Disney trinkets/merchandise (Mickey ears, park maps, napkins, pins, candy, stickers) 

Las Vegas post cards (10), poster

Pictures (prints) of my home, cars, pets, town, family, etc.

Roll of pennies; $1 bills

DVD’s to give away/show (‘Over America’-blu-ray, ‘Disney Parks’, ‘Las Vegas’ slideshow.)

Misc Supplies:

100 3 X 5 index cards

Notebook (8 1/2 x 11); Notepad

Sewing kit; Safety pins

LED head lamp

2 travel flashlights

Micro-fiber hand towel; Small bath towel


3 pair latex gloves (for washing clothes by hand)

Knee wraps (2); Ankle wraps (2); Wrist wraps(2)

Bag of rubber bands; Zip lock bags (quart & sandwich sized)

Vegetable peeler; Can opener

2 rolls tape (double-sided, black electrical)



Deck of playing cards


6 AA batteries; 6 AAA batteries

5 luggage locks

Russian dictionary (pocket-sized)

Living Language reference book (Russian)

Compact umbrella

Work out gloves; Cold weather gloves

Customized pillow case (thanks Tracy)

Bottle Febreze fabric refresher

Tide to go pen

2 laundry/multi-use bags

Reusable shopping bag

Money Belt for passport, $, papers, etc.

Dummy Wallet



Super glue

Neck pillow

Sleep Mask; Ear plugs

Mummy sleeping bag (Eureka – rated for 30 degrees)


3 long-sleeve dress shirts; 1 casual (various)

4 s/s button down dress shirts; 2 casual (various)

2 polo shirts (black, grey)

1 under-shirts (KC-red)

2 tank tops (grey, blue)

Base-layer top (black)

Long-sleeve sleeping shirt (DKNY)

Casual vest (RL-blue)

2 dress vests (pinstipe-black, grey); Sweater vest (black)

4 pair khakis (beige, blue, brown, black)

4 pair slacks (cream, black, blue, grey)

Silvertab jeans

Base-layer bottom (grey)

Sweat pants (Addidas)

Zip-off sleeping pants to double as shorts

4 pair khaki/dress shorts (brown, green, blue, beige)

2 pair swimming/casual shorts  (black, grey)

5 pair crew socks (various colors)

4 pair Merino wool dress socks (various colors)

2 pair dress socks (various colors)

5 ties (various colors/patterns)

Suit-black pinstripe (Andrew Fezza)

3 blazers/jackets (DKNY, Nautica, EC)

Leather bomber jacket (Perry Ellis)

Columbia Titanium jacket

Ear Muffs; Head band

7 pair underwear

3 caps/beanies

1 golf hat; 2 baseball hats (DL, Nike)

2 pair sunglasses, w/ lanyard

3 belts (black-2, brown)


LOST (seasons 1-6, 41 blu-ray/dvds)

Discovery Life ( 4 disc blu-ray)

25 movies/documentaries (blu-ray)

Planet Earth (5 dvds)

iPhone (4 movies, 552 songs, 208 books, 225 language lessons, 70 apps, 200 pics)

Laptop (5 movies, 1000+ songs, 208 books, 400 language lessons, articles on various topics, 1,500+ pics)


Sonicare electric toothbrush w/ charger

2 replacement heads for Sonicare toothbrush

2 manual toothbrushes

Dental Floss; Teeth picks/plackers; Mouthguard

2 tubes toothpaste

Plastic water bottle filled w/ mouthwash

Bottle of Cologne (Cool Water)

6 travel pouches of wet wipes and 1 travel tube

2 travel-size sanitizer bottles

3 small bars soap

4 travel-size shampoo bottles

Bed head gel container

3 travel-size hair spray bottles

3 travel size lotion bottles

SPF 50 lotion roll-on

Foot powder container

Restasis eye drops

Stick deodorant

Tweezers; Finger nail clippers

3 chap sticks


(Peace Corps provides a first aid kit upon arrival)


Black sandals (Roman)

2 pair black slip-ons (Johnston Murphy/Steve Madden)

Black dress/walking (Florsheims)

Cordovan dress/casual (Cole Haan)

1 pair 5-finger shoes (red)


Black shoe polish; 2 travel polishers

2 pair replacement shoe laces

4 pair of insoles; 2 pair of heel/arch insole/liner


4 zip-lock bags of Vit/min

1 bottle Rx meds

30 energy/nutritional stick packs

Bottle of spices/rub/herbs

9 oz. bag pork jerky

16 oz. beef jerky

Nalgene water bottle w/ filtration system

Techie Stuff:

Laptop (HP 15” w/recovery discs, 640 GB hd, blu-ray)

Flashdrives-3; SD cards-4 (24 GB)

External HD (500 GB)

Wireless mouse

External Speakers (HP)

Nikon digital camera (14 MP, 7X optical) – (Thanks Mom!)

iPhone 4 32 GB

Sony noise-canceling headphones

2 ear bud headphones (JLab, iPhone)

2 power converters (110v– 220v)

Multiple power adapters

Surge Protector (1,100 joules)

Short-wave radio (Grundig)

Samsung cell/flip phone

Chargers (camera, iPhone, laptop)

USB/Ethernet cables


28” London Fog framed upright (approx 41 lbs full)

22” Jos A Bank wheeled garment bag (approx 41 lbs full)

Backpack (approx 25 lbs)

Computer bag (approx 15 lbs)

(Cases-laptop, phone, camera, radio, hard drive)


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  1. i’ll be coming to your site for my LOST fix. 😉 I don’t think I have room for them!

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